Our Donors

Founders Circle

Teresa Wright
Karen Bushnell

Patrons Circle

Mary Tripsas
Jody Holehouse
Jeanette Iwatsuki

Associates Circle

Jack Compere
Nola Force
Craig Hawker
Barbara Hirsch
Paul Hunt
Richard Kaufman
Simon Knight
Nancy Mathison
Marvel Vigil
Scott Weiss

Musician Donors

Allison MacKay
Bevan Manson
Carol Houchens
Elizabeth Olson
Emily Sommermann
Irving Levin
Johann Trujillo
Mary Tripsas
Mike Muench
Nancy Mathison
Natalie Spevak
Paul Marcantonio
Sara Bashore
Scott Pickering
Sherry Trujillo
Sherylle Mills Englander
Simon Knight
Todd Hartwig
Tom Turner

The Santa Barbara players aim to provide low-cost tickets for all concerts and complementary tickets for K-12 students. Please support our mission by donating. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and your donation may be tax deductible.